Venom and Diamonds

Keep a straight face

14:03 December 15th '03

Hmmm.. I was just looking at the post I did on the 2nd, and am I the only one who thinks it was a bit, erm, over-dramatic?

On the other hand, there are plenty of very serious issues out there, most of them nothing to do with the net. So, sometimes you need to try for a certain gravitas, and lets face it, when faced with an important issue, serious is good.

Usability, schmusability

23:38 December 10th '03

Jakob Nielsen vs Flash: The Final Battle

The Sagas continue

1:14 December 6th '03

The SEO theme, pt.3:

Apparently, Google is evil. Or God. Depending on who you believe.

I'm divided (sitting on the fence isn't difficult after you get past the first stabbing pain), and the little blogger and little civil rights believer in me are still in the ring. I'll tell you how the bout turns out.

Magna, pt.2:

Minor update with a few tweaks, and a much-needed restart button. Version number ticking over at about 0.93, I think.

The Heart of the Matter

1:02 December 2nd '03

In a world of violence, hunger, injustice and disease, there is one thing we need to hear, remember and abide by, if we who inhabit this medium are to be of any use to anyone.

get off the cross, dear / we need the wood