Venom and Diamonds


22:06 May 31st '04

I just noticed I haven't posted for nearly three weeks! And here was me thinking it was only just over a week..

In a similar (although not as serious or profound) vein as Mr Greenfield at v-2, I've been suffering from a lack of enthusiasm in writing about my little interests like music, games and whatnot. I've been trying to pursue more creative things, i.e. trying to do, not just talk. But that inevitably takes time and hence results in long silences here on VnD.

While I try to come up with things to say, read some good stuff and play a good game. Easy as that, really.

I've been back

19:17 May 12th '04

I'm back at full net dependency again, and have been for a while. I've been a bit embarrased by the whole Reboot thing and hence not posting, but I thought I'd write a little sitrep to keep things up-to-date.

The redesign I was going to post was in fact the design for Terrene Productions which I've been playing with for a few months now. I was just going to hijack it for the Reboot and use it as a new front for, but now that the pressure is off, I'm going to put a bit more work into it and launch it as I originally planned.

As to what Terrene Productions is, I'll keep that a secret for now. Either because it'll be a cool surprise, or because I don't know either. Decide for yourself.

In the meantime, here's a little link to while away some time with: Globulos, a neat little multiplayer online Flash game.

Coming up for air

20:41 May 4th '04

Still continuing my netless travels, I've managed to get to a computer again, expecting to encounter some fallout from my failure to Reboot. Instead, I find silence. 'Could be worse,' I tell myself. Then I check the Reboot site to confirm that I've at least been dropped off the list of participants. Nope.

In fact, I seem to be in the top quarter with my score. Whoever you are who have voted to perpetuate this inadvertently fraudulous adventure, I thank you for your support. But I think I'll turn myself in.

we are like the living dead / sacrificing all we have / for a frozen heart and a soul on fire