Venom and Diamonds

Ooh! More content!

19:21 October 29th '03

As some of you may have deduced, is supposed to be a portfolio of my work. However, it's really just been a row of abstract images linking to pages without any real explanation.

Well, that's all changed now, as I've added descriptions to the items. So now potential employers might actually understand what the heck this URI I keep sending them to is for!

Another fortnight, another post

14:28 October 27th '03

This blog hasn't really been picking up, has it?

Of course there are a variety of excuses (continuing job hunt, continuing work, half-hour tube/walk to get to my internet connection) for why I only seem to post every two weeks, but there should be a few more soon:

I'm busy putting the last fixes on, so that should be up veeeeery soon. I think I might even share a few of the CSS tricks I've used on that, and actually have this page serve a purpose!

I've also spent a lot of time on my most recent labour of love, a Flash-based space battle game, and v0.1 of that will hopefully be debuting here within a day or two.

Plus, I might even be getting myself an internet connection at home soon! ...which you'd sort of think I'd have by now, being a 'net professional and all...


11:44 October 13th '03

Well, it's been a while again. Today is finally my first day on the full-on jobhunt (just two weeks after graduating, no less). Wish me luck!

Still nothing to report about any of my other projects, but there are a couple of projects from my coursemates we can all have a stare at:

PHD is more e-commerce based, as discoo is, on OSCommerce, an open-source (ooh, what a lovely, free word!) shopfront. The shame is that I've seen all the hard work that's gone on to get PHD to where it is now, but that unless you happen to be an OSCommerce afficionado, you're not going to notice any of it! But that's just the way it is with making usable websites: lots of work just to become transparent.

In a more pure designery vein, there's preconstruct. Haven't had a chance to see the Flash version yet, but can't say it doesn't look pretty even just in HTML. Architectural firms, eh? What exactly could be more fun for a web designer?

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