Venom and Diamonds

Musical reserves

23:42 October 30th '04

Radiohead are a band for which I have a quiet yet solid respect. It is nothing more, as of yet, because I own precisely zero of their albums. Reading Alex Ross's 'The Searchers: Radiohead's unquiet revolution' has only strengthened that respect.

Nonetheless, I'm probably not going to rush out and buy any of their albums first thing tomorrow. Because I know they're not going anywhere. When the day comes for diving into that pool, I'll know, and hopefully it'll be a good, if not great, experience.

I seem to have built up a series of these 'rainy-day artists' that I keep in a patient holding pattern, biding their right time. Things like the complete works of Slayer or The Pixies are pretty much guaranteed to be enormously rewarding, and I intend to give them the frame of mind and level of attention that they can, by all accounts, live up to.

Now of course that can also be seen as just a plain waste of perfectly good music: I could probably enjoy them just as well tomorrow as any other day, even if I am distracted or busy. After all, it's not like I'm going to run out of new, talented music to plow through, as anyone who listened to the late great John Peel can affirm.

But I suppose I'm happy listening to my Bowie or my NIN or my Metallica or my Tori Amos over and over again for the time being. Sometimes I tire, like that day in early 2003 when I realised that I needed Slipknot without even really knowing or particularly liking them. They were just silly guys in boiler suits until that point, then I bought 'Iowa' and never looked back.

One day I'll probably need Pyramid Song so much that I'll just have to get Amnesiac. And that'll be a good day. I look forward to it.

Sadness of sadnesses

13:51 October 26th '04


All good things come to an end, I suppose. But some are more irreplaceable than others.

Watch this while you can

12:34 October 16th '04

John Stewart on CNN's Crossfire, via kottke. Hilarious and purposeful.


0:48 October 3rd '04

Has September gone? Yes? Phew, thank goodness I lost him.. and hello October.

Considering my taste in blogs, it's quite fortuitous that the city I'm heading off to in a few hours happens to be New York.

You see, thanks to Mr. Greenfield, Mr. Kottke and Mr. Zeldman (among others) I have a far better idea of where I'm going than I should do. After all I haven't set foot in the Americas for nearly twenty years. And that's about as long as it can get in my case.

I now know the best mode of transportation, the places I should eat, how to distinguish a deli from a bodega, how to handle my umbrella and am prepared for the exhibition I should visit the moment I land. Above all, however, they've given me that little but important human angle on a city that exists to the rest of the world simply through a mish-mash of film, TV and news.

I'll see if I can't report on my personal findings as I get them.

Blue skies and schmaltzy in-flight movies, here I come.

we are like the living dead / sacrificing all we have / for a frozen heart and a soul on fire