Venom and Diamonds


22:51 September 30th '03

Having cleared the final milestone of my Master's degree (sending off my dissertation) some fourteen hour's ago, I'm now slowly recovering.

The realisation that I'm, well, free is also sinking in. I'll be trying to hold on to that illusion for a few days yet, until the reality of entering working life hits me.

Spending four months of my life doing one single thing with all my heart and mind has been a wearing but rich experience. Let's hope there's more where that came from.

As for the real result of my labours, a new, vibrant redesign of nthposition [a brilliant online magazine], you'll all have to wait a couple of weeks. Just because I managed to write a dissertation on it doesn't mean it's ready for release!

There are some great sites coming out from my coursemates' dissertations, too, and I'll be linking 'em up as they go live and/or I get my grubby mits on the URLs.

To start you off, have a look at Mickey & Mallory has to be the greatest name for a clothing label I've come across in a long while. Now if the designs would just have anything to do with their namesakes, I'd start parting with my cash...

Surreal gaming at its best

21:55 September 21st '03

Technical proficiency and spectacular effects are one thing. But creating an aesthetic and an atmosphere is what really captures a viewer's or reader's imagination, whatever the medium.

If you ask me, Dan Simmons's books do that every time.

As for the net... Flash ? la Czech, anyone?

Conceding irrelevance

18:41 September 17th '03

For all you people who think web pages like this are pointless and a waste of resources, you may want to use the following phrase in your critiques, courtesy of Jeffrey Zeldman:

In this violent world, writing about web design sometimes feels as relevant as critiquing pastries on The Titanic.

That it does, Mr. Z, that it does. Yet we go on, and try to take any opportunity we can to try to do a tiny bit of good.

Like shouting "ICEBERG!"


0:56 September 15th '03

Well, you know, I was quite waiting to see what Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the sequel to Desperado, might look like. I haven't read any reviews or seen any clips, but the preceding films promise at least a bit of entertainment. I mean, Salma's bare midrif and Antonio all straggly-haired and moody. Can't be that bad?

Then I see the poster for it. And wonder how Mr. Banderas looks a bit strange. Then I read the names and realise he's in the background, the man in the middle isn't him... and I can't help but smile and chuckle with anticipation. I no longer care what the reviews may say, even if I do read 'em.

The sweetness of physics

0:43 September 4th '03

Now, I'm all for the shiny, polished finishes of the ?ber-designed Flash pantheon. Needless to say, I'd quite gladly sell my soul to produce finishes like that. Yet just have a look at what a bit of math, physics and understatement can do.

The Decline of Civilization

13:46 September 3rd '03

An overheard conversation between two children:

Boy 1: "Elvis died because he ate too many hamburgers."
Boy 2: "Who's Elvis?"


To laugh or to cry?

we are like the living dead / sacrificing all we have / for a frozen heart and a soul on fire